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Wireless Callbox Radio Communications

Adds speed, flexibility, and responsiveness to any organization!

Fully compatible with virtually any two-way radio system!

No monthly service fees or airtime charges!

Designed to work together as a complete system

Unique products and features not available from any other source!

Wireless Callbox Systems work not only for safety, but are designed to increase your customer service speed/quality and MORE!

We've done hundreds of these in all types of systems and we know all the tricks to make these work for you!
Got an idea? Give us a call today and we'll design a package tailored for you!



Xtra Tough XT Callbox Package System
(1) XT FCC License Free Callbox
(1) JBS146D Base Station
(1) JMX146D Portable
N/C Setup!

$1397.00 plus UPS shipping

We are Ritron's Largest Dealer in New England for 16 years!
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Jobcom Portable Radios

2-Way Radio & Wireless Intercom / Base Station

Small and rugged with built-in Weather Scan (vhf)
Ideal for
warehouses, production, maintenance, and more!

Monitor with built-in Weather Scan (vhf).
Use at
office, on forklifts, and more!


Quick Talk Outpost

Quick Assist One-Way Callbox

Quick Assist II One-Way Callbox

Loudmouth Wireless PA system

Basic two-way callbox version.
Ideal for use in secured pool area, snack bar, warehouse, lumberyard, clubhouse locations and more!

Alert any radio that someone needs help
 or sales/service assistance.

Alert any radio that someone needs help
 or sales/service assistance.

The ideal solution where a hard wired PA is
 impossible or too expensive!


Outpost XT

Tamper Resistant Housing!


Wireless Vehicle Sensor / Reporter!

Quick Talk Gate Guard System

QuickTalk RQT 151/451

Inputs for up to 4 sensors!




DoorCom Wireless Intercom


All Ritron wireless products work together as an effective two-way communications system
and are fully compatible with virtually any other brand of two way radio!

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