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Ritron PT Portable

One of the best
in-expensive radios on the market today!


Jobcom Portables

Low Cost, Economical Job-Site Radios


GMRS Portable Radios

Excellent for Hunting/Camping/Fishing/Family Activities




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Confused? Click HERE and we'll try to help!


Here's a few helpful portable radio tips:

  • Once a month, allow your radio to go completely dead and then charge it back up all the way-this helps to cycle the battery and keep it in tip-top condition!
  • Always hold your radio with the antenna vertically up and down, it gives the best reception that way!
  • Use a leather or nylon case to protect your radio, many times these will save your radio from damage when it has been dropped!
  • Avoid using "stubby" antennas on radios for several reasons: First is that you will lose significant range, and second is that physically it puts tremendous stress onto your radio's antenna jack and can cause it to shear off!
  • Be sure to shut your radio off when charging! If you try to charge a battery with the radio on, it is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom! It can also cause damage to the radio or battery!
  • If you are in a poor reception area, try moving around while you are receiving, find a strong or "hot spot" and stop right there-this will enhance your transmissions also!
  • Keep your battery terminals clean-dirty terminals cause intermittent charging and operation-clean them with a pencil eraser only!
  • Don't carry your portable radio by it's antenna-many radios have very small wires connected to the jacks which can be broken very easily by excessive abuse!
  • Always speak directly into the front of the radio-1 to 2" away is optimum on most radios. This provides the best clarity. Remember not to shout! Speaking normally enhances proper audio.
  • Don't leave your portable out in the cold, or in a hot vehicle, it will cause reduced life on your battery. Some radios now also have an automatic power reduction feature in them to keep critical components from overheating, so a radio left in the sun may not work as well!


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