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Ritron Clean Cab

RCCR 151 Dual Mode Radio

with optional NXDN Digital Tri Mode plug n play board!

Watch this video. Can your radios do THIS???


RCCR Model

Designed from the ground up as a clean cab radio transceiver for the railroad environment.

Ritron Clean Cab Radio with Dual-Mode Operation,
Standard One-Piece and optional Two-Piece model,
VHF 155-174mHz, 10-50 Watts,
Supports Wide Band (25kHz), Narrow Band (12.5kHz)
All Metal Rugged Enclosure for maximum durability!
Large Easy to read LED Display, Automatic dimming for low light conditions
Loud, crisp, and easy to understand audio

Radio is "Upgradeable" to Tri-Mode Digital Operation with Optional Add-On PCB,
Supports Very Narrow Band Digital NXDN� protocol @ 6.25kHz.
Two-Year Factory Warranty.

Accessories available including handset with heavy duty hangup cup,
locking transit bracket, Heavy Duty DC Power cable, antennas, cabling & more


RCCR151 One Piece, Dual Mode Clean Cab Radio
Qty: Price: $2995.00

RCCR152 Two Piece, Dual Mode Clean Cab Radio
Qty: Price: $3295.00

RCCR151NX One Piece, Tri Mode NXDN Digital Clean Cab Radio
Qty: Price: $3295.00

Add-on pcb and hardware
Upgrades RCCR to Tri Mode 6.25 Khz NXDN Digital

Qty: Price: $599.00

RCCR152NX Two Piece, Tri Mode NXDN Digital Clean Cab Radio
Qty: Price: $3480.00

RCCR Programiming kit with software CD and cables
Qty: Price: $149.00

Qty: Price: $139.00

Qty: Price: $168.00

Qty: Price: $134.00

Qty: Price: $26.00


RCCR User Manual

The Galveston Railroad Museum has picked the Ritron Clean Cab Radio
for their nice shiny newly refurbished F7 Locomotives done by Motive Power in Greenville NC


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